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Broadcasting from Detroit, Michigan
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Kay Brown

CEO, Network Producer & Talent Acquisition

Hey there! I’m Kay, the owner of Fade In. I wanted to go ahead and introduce myself, as well as give you some insight on what things are like in my world. I guess here’s as good as any of a place to get started, so let’s begin…

A important key to who I am is my passion for music. I have had a huge love for it ever since I can remember. I was in choir for several years growing up. The majority of my friends have always been musicians too. In high school I took broadcasting and even then my significant others had worked at radio stations.

I still remember being back in high school and being underage. My friends would sneak me into venues, not to drink, but to go support our friends playing in bands when I was too young to even have a driver’s license. My friends and I would travel, even to another state, to see bands we loved and sing our hearts out in the heat and sweat of the crowd. I remember taking Press Shots for bands, just barely after I gained the ability to drive alone, and during their events you best believe I was right there on stage and in front of the crowd with a camera.

Whether it was being behind the lens for the perfect snapshot or putting together a showcase of their talent in a webpage back in the MySpace days, I have a long history of trying to share the music that moved me.
Did I say MySpace days? You know that website that had custom CSS code to make it look cool and really represent you? Where you could pick a song for your profile and order your best friends for your Top 8? I feel like I just aged myself… but ANYWAY…
Even back then I believed that there was big power in my ability to highlight talent, so new people could experience the artists I loved, and were able to see why I loved them so much. As I grew into an adult, not much had changed.

As time passed, I became involved in the online Talent Acquisition space, while helping a friend book more talent for their mix series. During this time, I began refining the criteria for the program, as well as spending time reviewing hundreds of materials from artists, including electronic press kits, press releases and more. Over time, I gained exposure to more of the behind the scenes of working with artists – learning about their motivators and dreams, their fears and the things that held them back, as well as a ton of  things you’d never catch on a highlight reel or festival recap video. I cannot be more grateful for the opportunities I have had working with artists over the years, to better understand each and every one of them.

I began laying the groundwork for my own venture in 2019. I have been extremely blessed to have brought on some of the best around for our team at Fade In.  I would not be able to do this without their attention to detail, positive attitudes, abilities to lean in to creativity and more. I am certain you will feel their love for music in the work they complete for each and every episode. 

Our Team

We have a highly skilled team at Fade In that works on each episode. From our audio engineer, to our graphics and animations team, to our marketing expert - each mix is given the attention to detail that our highlighted artists deserve.

We look forward to showcasing artists around the globe for years to come.

If you would like to apply to be featured, or recommend an artist for us, please sign up above and reply to your welcome email with your recommendation.

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